Classic Straight Razor Barber Men Shaving Folding Knife


1. The blade made of quality ACRM - 2 stainless steel fully
2. The blade has be sharpened, it can be used out of the box
3. The razor handle parts are fixed by screws
4. The main body structure is simple and firm
5. Easy to hold, good balance and suitable weight
6. The surface is coated with black paint
7. The blade edge is straight, fits the skin and easy to be grinded

Package include:

  • 1 x razor
  • 1 x razor strop
  • 1 x wax
  • 1 x PU leather box
  • 1 x cleaning cloth


1. If you put the razor in your bathroom or somwhere wet,please clean it and put it into the package or smear some mineral oil on the blade to protect
2. We have smear some oil on the blade to protect
3. The razor can be used out of the box.If your have a thick beard or think the blade is not sharp enough,you can grind it with the razor strop or stone
4. If you are a beginner of straight razor, you had better learn how to use a straight razor and grinding way on Youtube
5. You can grind the razor as your shaving frequency,we think strop once every 10 - 15 times should be ok
6. Keep it out from the reach distance of children

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