Rechargeable Battery Nano Mist Spray Handy Atomization Mister

1. Handy Mist Sprayer
2. Facial Body Nebulizer Steamer
3. Face Skin Care
5. Nano Moisturizing Spray Instrument
6. Portable Handy Mist
7. Water Sprayer Device


1. Face nano sprayer standard: Host, storage bottle, mesh bag, packaging instructions
2. Material: ABS
3. moisturizing, makeup does not collapse! Converts water into mist easier to absorb!
4. Dry skin: Rebuilding a natural protective barrier, the stratum corneum repair
  • Neutral skin: moisturize the skin, instead of daily exfoliating products 
  • Oily skin: take away the skin pores of grease, effectively inhibit acne - prone 
  • Sensitive skin: Nano atomized water molecules gentle sensitive skin permeation layer 
5. The water tank can be added to mineral water, purified water or very refreshing lotion, not add thick, oily water or energy essence and the like.
6. With regard to the charge: charging port will be red indicator lights up and charging 2 hours can be filled
7. 30 seconds quickly penetrate deep water layer of makeup, 20 - fold of effect the essence, 25 - fold of effect mask replenishment, can be 1s out the fog, when used, 10cm distance is the best for your skin

Package include:1pcs Facial Mist Sprayer

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