Argan Oil Scalp for Frizzy Dry Hair Repair Treatmen

Argan oil (for hair)Description:Argan oil multi-effect treatment for UV protection ,sunburn repairment, pre-perm and post perm care ,daily care .no greasy ,non stick ash and prevent split-ends .Application:1.After shampooing hair ,dry with a towel to no dripping state ,apply 2-3 drops to hair .2.After finish blowing hair dry ,apply 2-3 drops to reduce static electricity.Function:1.Repair damaged hair from inner to exterior.2.No greasy ,no irritant.3.UV protection

Argan oil (for body)


Abound in vitamin ,argan oil , which help to replenish moisture, lighten complexion, and restore skin elasticity, give you a fair and healthy skin .


Clean skin with lukewarm water then apply a small amount to palm ,gently massage into skin until its completely absorbed . keep skin constant moisture in dry season.


1.Replenish moisture, resolve skin dry problem.

2.Tighten skin, prevent wrinkle.

3.Lighten complexion.

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