Pure Natural Apple Essential Oil Relax Skin Whitening Improve Sleep

  • Apple essential oil has a strong skin effect, but because of its high purity, is not suitable for direct smear on the skin, usually in the wash water, bath water, wash a few drops of water dripping, or in the skin care products a few drops can play a very good effect, can also be fragrance lamp and steaming the head plays a very good role.
  • Green apple oil very unique with oxygen sterilization and deodorization function, fresh sweet fruit fragrance, light fruity refreshing and natural, it is tempted to see. Generally speaking, apple does have a certain effect on the body of environmental protection and skin care, it is the entire bowel function, can secrete organic acid to regulate the intestines peristalsis, improving appetite etc.
  • In the aspect of beauty, apple is rich in vitamin ABC, can nourish the skin whitening. Xiang Ge Na green apple essential oil, by way of distillation extraction of green apple fruit, because the molecules of oil extracted by Lavender therapy is very small, can be quickly absorbed by the body. Apple aroma can help the digestive tract function, promote appetite, appetite and other effects. Whether you want to improve bowel problems, or want to maintain body and skin, try this real effect, green apple essential oils with unripe fruit fragrance will bring you fresh feeling good.

Application of Apple essential oils

  • Help the gastrointestinal function, stable mood, help sleep, constipation, diarrhea, spleen deficiency, fire Sheng yiqi. Can help lower cholesterol metabolism.

Usage method

  • A drop in the incense: the fragrance lamp (stove) or bar lamp, 2/3 add 3 to 5 drops of water, can play a sedative, stable mood, eliminate depression, help sleep.
  • Two, hypnosis: speaking of oil drops on the cotton ball, on the pillow, there is a good hypnotic effect, it is very quick to sleep to increase the quality of sleep.

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